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Elspeth is a fine artist based in the UK. She studied Music at the University of Oxford, and has since continued to engage with both art forms by composing music and creating works of art.

Elspeth has carved her niche in oil painting, expressing imagery through an iridescent impasto style and impressionistic panache. Her works examine the safety and comfort of the quotidian, the beauty of the tangible surrounding world, and the wonder and unimaginable scale of the cosmos. 

She paints murals, indoor and outdoor. For more details click here.


She has featured artwork in exhibitions across the UK and takes commissions. More details can be found under 'Key Projects'.

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Cover Artist

Oxford, 2018

Elspeth's painting 'Copernican Model' was selected as the front cover of 'Handbook of Primary Care Ethics'. The book won First Prize at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2018, and is available for purchase online at Taylor and Francis Group or Amazon.