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Colours of Hope.jpg
Colours of Hope.jpg

Colours of Hope.

To mark the one year anniversary of Lockdown, Elspeth was specially commissioned to create a piece of art work for Chelmsford Cathedral's Colours of Hope campaign. The painting was displayed in the Cathedral from 20th to the 25th March 2021.

The oil painting on stretched canvas explores lockdown loss and hope.  Drawing from connotations of candles as symbols for remembrance and rainbows as symbols for aspiration, the artwork uses imagery of candlelight and a polychrome palette to reflect upon the loss and hardship of this year, but to also offer a vision of hope: with wisps of multicolour smoke and the image of the Cathedral - a beacon of light in the vignette - it hopes to mark the spirit of hope that has grown out of the darkness of the pandemic.

Prints of the piece are available to purchase in three sizes.

Prayer cards with the image are also available to take home.

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