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Covering some FAQs.

Original Canvases



Where to?

Shipping across the UK. I offer hand delivery/pick up options to Essex based clients free of charge if the purchase is made via direct email contact.


How long?

Items usually take between 6 - 8 weeks to arrive, depending on the product type. More intricate commissions may take longer.


All original canvases are hand-made oil paintings on either stretched or box canvas. Some canvases include mixed media embellishments, such as metallic paint and/or glitter. The canvases are created using paint brushes and palette knives, and so have a textured surface.


All canvases include a varnish coating as a layer of protection.


All canvases include a small signature on the bottom (E.M) and back of the canvas.


Canvases do not come with a frame. The contemporary style allows for hanging without a frame.

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