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Flora and Fauna
Chelmsford Cathedral
Rainbow for a Paramedic
The Virgin Mary
Warley Place - Essex 2020
King Kong

Commissioning a Piece

Elspeth offers a bespoke service at competitive pricing. She is able to adapt her current product range to suit the requirements of a customer, or to create entirely new works of art.

What can you commission?

Anything! You can choose the imagery, the media (a painting on canvas, or a drawing on paper), the size, the colour scheme. You can be as specific or non-specific as you like.

Do you have any examples?

Above are a few examples of commissioned pieces. Commissions have included:

- a commission from Electric Voice Theatre as part of Essex 2020; check out 'Key Projects' to find out more about this commission.

- a painting using colours and imagery to match the bedding and blind of a girl's bedroom. (May 2020).

- a rainbow painting intended as a gift for an NHS worker, inspired by another product (Ying Rainbow). (June 2020).

- a pencil drawing, inspired by another product (Flora & Fauna) and intended to be used as a tattoo. (June 2020).

- a biro and pencil drawing of a Cathedral. (July 2019).

- drawing for a tattoo design. (May 2020).


Pricing can vary depending on the size, content, media, timescale, and function of the commission. A general outline for canvas paintings, however, are as follows:

A0 canvases - £200

A1 canvases - £150

A2 canvases - £100

A3 canvases - £80

A4 canvases - £50


Commissions do not include a mount/frame unless requested.

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